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Practical Tips For Choosing High Quality Stretch Film
- Sep 01, 2018 -

Stretch film is a kind of consumable used in combination with the stretch film slitter rewinder machine. Its purchase has a great influence on the rewinding machine, and it also greatly affects the packaging effect.

First, take a look and touch the surface

If the surface is relatively flat, no wrinkles, good transparency, no crystal points, no yellow spots, indicating that the wrapping film is made of a new material, the raw material is stirred evenly, the stretching rate is consistent, and there is no unstretching. .

Second: press the edge of the stretch film

When you purchase the wrapping film, you need to press the wrapping film to see if there is a deep depression. If it is concave, it means that the winding film is very loose, and the film looks thick and many, but it is not.

Third: pull the film

Pull the stretch film about 1 meter, and then fix the stretch film roll backwards , the elongation of the wrapping film can be measured. The high-quality stretch film can be stretched to about 4 meters in 1 meter.