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Precautions For Maintenance Of Automatic Wet Wipes Packaging Machine
- Aug 13, 2018 -

First, we need to turn off the power before cleaning the device. Wipe the machine table and the surface with a clean, damp cloth to ensure that the machine is not scratched. This cleaning and maintenance work should be carried out regularly.

Second, compressed air is used to remove product debris from the feed mechanism and the mid-end seal.

Use the oil on the wire brush to remove the adhesion of the knife to the film. If the packaging material remains on the knife, this will affect the next round of product packaging, resulting in poor packaging.

The solid state relay burns out, the temperature controller is damaged, and the thermometer cannot control the temperature damage of the thermocouple. The repair method is to replace the heat meter with a temperature control meter and replace the heating body.

There is also a residue of the product at the inlet and outlet of the wet wipes packaging machine. It must be cleaned and cleaned with an air compressor. The effect is also very good.