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Precautions For Using The Printing Machine
- Aug 22, 2018 -

In order to avoid problems in the operation of the printing machine, the following details need to be kept in mind:

1. Carefully review the shift record and carefully check the production work order and various preparations for the products to be produced.

2. Turn on the power and check if the main operation control system is running normally.

3. Start the fan and heater to check if it starts normally.

4. The crew should wear protective masks to prevent toxic gases from harming the human body.

5. Confirm that the machine is all normal, various process parameters have met the requirements, and the crew can start up.

6. Send a signal before starting the machine, start the car slowly, and gradually accelerate to the specified speed after normal operation.

7. In operation, slowly adjust the speed.

8. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment under unattended supervision.

9. In the maintenance of the equipment, be careful with all kinds of electric eyes, interlock switches, etc. to prevent collision damage or moving position.

10. When you get off work, you should do a good job of cleaning the machine and the surrounding area. Turn off the main power when no one is taking over.