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Precautions In The Use Of Shrink Packaging Machine
- Jul 06, 2018 -

First, the  shrink packaging machine has a relatively large power. Please pay attention when wiring. The power of the input power supply must be greater than the nominal power of the heat-receiving packaging machine. Otherwise, it is easy to burn the line or the machine.

Second, the shrink packaging machine must be reliably grounded, and the floor with the insulating varnish should lead to a bottom line to protect personal safety.

Third, each  shrink packaging machine has a cable connected to the power supply at the factory, and the end lead portion has a power supply identification symbol, which must be correctly connected.

Fourth, when the specified voltage of the machine is a three-phase 380V power supply, the zero line must be input at the same time.

Fifth, the shrink packaging machine must be installed horizontally, otherwise the service life of the electric heating pipe will be shortened;

Sixth, when the machine is used continuously for more than three months, the high temperature resistant line of the shrinkage chamber should be inspected and replaced according to the degree of aging.

Seventh, when the machine is working, the operator's palm and other parts are not allowed to come into contact with the running part of the machine, especially the temperature inside the contraction chamber is extremely high, and it is easy to burn.