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Prospects For Dressing Packaging Machine
- Jul 12, 2018 -

While dealing with wounds, some people prefer to use gauze, while others prefer to use sterile dressing, both of which are commonly used medical products that treat wounds. So, what is the difference between sterile dressing and gauze? The difference between aseptic dressing and gauze is that gauze is prone to adhesion when facing wound wounds, and it is easy to produce secondary tears on wounds, while sterile dressing is fast. A large amount of exudate and wound secretions are absorbed and the wound is exuded while continuing to replenish the wound, keeping the wound moist and promoting wound healing. It also waterproofs and invades bacteria, reduces wound infections, and facilitates patient bathing. The sterile dressing consists of a non-woven fabric coated with a medical pressure sensitive adhesive, a soaker pad and a release paper. Sterile application can maintain the wound healing environment and accelerate wound healing. It also adds CMC particles to enhance the ability to absorb and ooze. After contact with the wound, it forms a gel, protects the new tissue from damage, reduces nerve ending stimulation and reduces pain. From the cosmetic point of view, it is the orderly growth of granulation tissue and epithelial tissue, reducing the formation of scars. Therefore, for the average person, aseptic application is safer and more convenient than gauze to treat wounds. The wide application of aseptic application also makes the development of applicator  dressing packaging machine better and better, and has greater development prospects.