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Screen Printing Machine Squeegee Adjustment
- Dec 28, 2018 -

The adjustment of the screen printing machine squeegee is as follows:

1 Adjusting the parallelism of the screen by the squeegee, adjusting the left and right screw to adjust the height of the ink plate; the left and right sides of the middle shaft can be adjusted with the top wire to adjust the left and right top wires, and the height is adjusted to the right and left of the ink plate respectively.

2 The adjustment of the inclination angle of the scraper is generally in the range of 65° to 85°, and can be selected as needed.

3 The adjustment of the printing pressure is actually the adjustment of the position of the squeegee.

4 The length of the squeegee can not be adjusted, generally supplied as a kit, each set has several different lengths to choose from.