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Several Factors Affecting The Safe Use Of The Paper Cutting Machine
- Nov 07, 2018 -

The safety of paper cutting machine is a problem that many digital printing practitioners tend to ignore, affecting the safe use of paper cutting machine in the following aspects:

1. Brake device. Motor components with mechanical brakes must be used so that the motor is locked in case of any circuit failure, avoiding accidents.

2, double button operation principle. This requires that both buttons be pressed at the same time, otherwise the cutter motor will not move, which guarantees the absolute safety of single operation.

The above is the safety factor affecting the use process. In the maintenance and maintenance, pay attention to the replacement of the blade, use the bracket to ensure that the blade edge is closed, not only to ensure the safety of the person, but also to ensure that the cutting edge is not damaged. In addition, the blade that is removed must not be left on hold to avoid hurting people.

Therefore, first of all, you must purchase equipment with high safety factor, and you must develop good habits so as to ensure safety during work.