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Slitter Classification
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Slitter of the growing types, classification methods are not the same. Paper size in accordance with the requirements of the paper can be divided into Slitter and small paper Slitter. Slitter according to the working methods there are three, divided into flat knife slitting, extrusion slitting and circular knife slitting. Flat knife cutting is like a razor, falling down during the operation of the material, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. This is two, hanging cut is the material through the two rollers, the razor will be cut vertically cut material, this cutting method for the knife convenient and easy to operate. Slitting slitting is the material running in the Slit roll, the knife falls Slot roll groove, the material cut longitudinally. In the splitting of PP film or a narrower edge of the film, the commonly used this way of cutting, can improve the cutting efficiency. However, relative to the vacant slitting, its disadvantage is more inconvenient to the knife. Slitter in the domestic Slitter is not uncommon, it is mainly synchronized with the material speed and the material has a certain angle of the bottom roller and easy to adjust the composition of the air knife.