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Slitting Machine Blade Classification And Application Scope
- Apr 16, 2018 -

The slitting machine blade is one of the important components of the slitter equipment. Improper selection of slitter blades can result in shortening the service life of the slitting blades, failing to reach the cutting index requirements, producing burrs from the slitting material and producing a large amount of slitting dust.

How to choose the slitting machine blade depends on the type and thickness of the slitting material. Usually the slitting form of the slitter blade includes square knife slitting and round knife slitting.

1. The square knife slitting is to fix the blade on the knife holder of the slitter. During the material running, the knife will fall, so that the knife will cut the material longitudinally to achieve the purpose of slitting. The square slitter blades are mainly divided into single-sided blades and double-sided blades:

One-side inserts are better for thicker and stiffer slitting thick films because the hard blades do not easily displace at the high speed of the slitter, ensuring product quality. Single-sided inserts are recommended for thickness 70-130um.

The double-sided blade is relatively soft, suitable for thin material cutting, so that the film edge of the flatness is guaranteed, but also can extend the life. Thickness below 70um recommended the use of double-sided blade.

2. Circular knife slitting is the main slitting mode for slitting thick film, paper and other materials. Cutting material thickness above 100um is recommended to use round knife cutting.