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Slitting Rewinder Features
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Slitting rewinder is a new generation of light, electricity and gas integration products, applicable to all kinds of paper, film, cellophane, aluminum foil, stickers and plastic materials such as PVC roll bar cutting precision materials And rewinding.

Slitting rewinder features

1, slitting rewinder using up and down the gas shaft winding, rewinding loading and unloading is extremely convenient.

2, winding magnetic clutch control tension (optional automatic tension device).

3, the host frequency control; slitting rewinding machine with constant speed rubber traction roller, the cutting speed constant.

4, with the length of automatic meter, slitter Winder can be set to a certain length of automatic shutdown and other functions.

5, cutting and rewinding machine with a round knife, flat knife device and edge material blower.

6, Slitter Winder part of the device pneumatic cylinder to complete the operation, making the operation more convenient and simple.