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SMT Rewinder Performance Structure And Features
- May 23, 2018 -

SMT rewinding machine can rewind a variety of spunlace non-woven fabrics; hot air cloth; hot-rolled cloth; acupuncture cloth;

 2. The working principle of the equipment: automatic feeding → synchronous transmission → automatic winding → number of shutdown.

 3. The equipment is equipped with pneumatic automatic feeding device, the maximum bearing weight is about 350KG, which is convenient for operation.

 4. The device is equipped with magnetic brake automatic tension control transmission. To ensure the accuracy of the finished product size. And equipped with a set of positive and negative guide cloth conversion device.

 5. The equipment is equipped with a shaft to lift the shaft and release the coil. This machine can produce products with core or coreless rewind.

 6. The equipment is equipped with a pneumatic pressure compacting function to make the products produced more beautiful and more tightly wound.

 7. The equipment is equipped with infrared automatic counting device and automatic stop function. Counting down to the number, the counting is accurate.

 8. The traction device of this equipment is equipped with an automatic pneumatic lifting device. It is easy to wear materials and the operation is more human. The entire machine table and parts that are likely to cause sanitary effects on the product are all made of 304 stainless steel.

 9. The equipment adopts frequency conversion control and speed regulation. The wiring of electrical parts is standardized, beautiful, generous and easy to operate.