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Specification And Use Of Slitter Rewinder
- Aug 24, 2018 -

The function of the slitting machine is to divide the wide roll packaging raw material into a roll package of the required specifications to make it suitable for printing, or to cut the printed composite packaging material into a narrow roll material. It is the last step in the production of packaging materials, and the quality and efficiency of the cut products are important. Due to the variety, specifications and uses of raw materials, the types of slitting machines are different. The automatic slitting machine is one of the mechanical equipment. If it is subdivided, it belongs to the adhesive tape and film industry.

    At present, the GFQ series automatic high-speed slitting machine on the market is integrated with machine, electricity, light and gas, with high speed of 200-500m/min, complete specifications (600-200mm) and wide application (film, paper, plating). Aluminium materials, etc.), high precision (digital automatic control) and other significant features.

Slitting machine precautions Safety procedures:

First, ensure that the voltage, current and hydraulic equivalents are correct and stable before starting up.

Second, during the operation, it is forbidden to scratch or cut each roller core with a knife or a hard object.

Third, when the slitting machine is running, it is forbidden to touch the running film roll or the roll core by hand to avoid personal injury caused by the hand being involved.

Fourth, before the equipment is ready for operation, all personnel must notify the departure device to ensure personal safety before starting operation.


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