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Stretch Film Leads The World In Green Packaging
- Apr 15, 2018 -

Because of its large output and wide variety, the stretch film has a wide range of applications in fields such as agriculture, industry, and construction. At present, the output of the stretch film inChinais growing rapidly, and the market demand for stretch film will continue to increase. As a green packaging material, the development prospect is very broad.

The current greenization of plastic packaging Stretch film has also become one of the important trends. Although green packaging currently does not have a completely uniform definition, generally speaking, it is possible to recycle, re-use or degrade corrosive substances, and to moderately harm the human body and the environment during the entire life cycle of the product. This is called green package.

The most important meaning of green packaging is to protect the environment, but it also has the significance of resource regeneration. During the whole life cycle of the green packaging, it follows the principles of economic activity that “reduction, reuse, and resource” of the circular economy, so that the impact of packaging on the environment is minimized. In recent years, continuous progress has been made in the recycling and reuse of plastic waste, and the secondary pollution problem has been gradually solved. It is expected that the future development of the stretch film will be even broader.