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Stretch Film Rewinder Common Problem Solution
- Apr 07, 2018 -

After a very long period of use, stretch film  rewinding machine often shows a phenomenon that the turntable does not turn during its use. What is the cause of this phenomenon? 

1. The first thing to check is the inverter. When it is not displayed, it means that it has been burned. In this case, it must be replaced in time. There is a display, but the display situation is different from the data we usually see. At this time, it may be a wrong setting of the parameters. Just make a new setting according to the requirements of the technical department.

2. The second thing to check is the chain of the inverter, adjust the distance between the big and small sprocket, and then reconnect the connection.

3. Another possibility is that there is a problem with the gear reducer itself. At this time, the reducer must be replaced.

In the process of stretch film  rewinding machine, it is forbidden to insert the hand, hair, clothes, headscarf, tie, etc. into the machine;

After the completion of the work on the day, the stretch film  rewinding machine should be cleaned and regularly checked and maintained to maintain the lubrication between the inner and outer chains of the chain in the machine column and the frame of the machine,  When the film frame is shaken up and down, the problem of mold frame shaking can be solved by tightening the chain.

To ensure safety, only electrical technicians can perform maintenance on electrical equipment before taking apart the stretch film  rewinding machine.