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The Basic Structure Of The Folding Machine
- May 15, 2018 -

The folding machine is mainly composed of a paper feeding mechanism, a fence folding mechanism, a folding knife folding mechanism, a paper receiving mechanism, and an electrical control system.

1. The paper feeding mechanism is mainly divided into two types, a sheet-fed sheet-feeding device and a continuous-type feeding device. The sheet-fed sheet-feeding device is the most widely used.

2. The fence folding mechanism is a mechanism that uses the fence and the relative operation folding roller and steering baffle to complete the folding. It is mainly composed of a folding roller and a folding fence, and there is a manual stepless speed change device, which can adapt to different formats paper.

 3, folding knife folding mechanism is the use of a folding knife presses the printed sheet into the middle of a relative rotation of a pair of folding rollers, and then sent by the folding roller to complete a folding process.

4. The delivery machine adopts a movable delivery trolley. The delivery trolley can adjust the height and the angle according to the origami style, and has an independent stepless speed adjustment function, which can be adjusted according to the folding speed.

5, the electrical control system mostly uses the programmable controller to carry on the control to the complete machine, it has the advantages such as good stability, long service life, low failure rate, etc.; the speed regulation adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation form, the speed regulation is stable; the new type of folding machine The man-machine interface display is installed on the operation panel, which is convenient for setting and querying parameters, and has fault point display function.