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The Characteristics And Advantages Of The Reel Slitting Machine
- Mar 10, 2018 -

Web Slitter is a reel slitting equipment in a very strong function, with smooth operation, easy to operate, fast, high precision, adaptability, high yield characteristics, in papermaking, paper trade, printing industry widely used.

The core mechanism of the web slitting machine becomes the part of unwinding, including unwinding, traction and slitting. The unwinding is a passive unwinding volume which is realized by traction. The web slitter is very demanding for traction and slitting.

1. The system overall slitting speed is high, in the weak magnetic field operation is same with the low-speed operation, the response is fast, the speed is steady.

2. The traction part according to the user given speed adjusts the slitting speed, guarantees the operation to be smooth, the noise is small.

3. Knife Roller According to slitting speed, set the cutting length and number of knives to control the speed, cutting out the length of the paper accurate, error within 0.5mm.

The GK800 drive controls the roll of the reel slitting machine, and has the following advantages in use:

1. High-precision vector control and unique weak magnetic control to achieve low, medium, high-speed speed regulation without differentiation, response speed.

2. Accurate position control, speed stability, slitting paper formation, no burr, error control within 0.3mm.

3. According to the length of the cutting paper dynamic changes in the inverter's electronic gear parameters to achieve real-time adjustment tool roller speed.

4. With the traction motor real-time synchronization, the pulse error is within 4, the start and stop process is smooth, slitting paper precision and high-speed no difference.