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The Classification Of Aluminum Foil Container
- Feb 02, 2019 -

Although the aluminum foil container is a special container, it can also be divided into many different types, with many different varieties.

1. Wrinkled and wrinkle-free: From the aspect of surface texture, the aluminum foil container can be divided into wrinkled and wrinkle-free. These two types of containers are only different in surface state of the material, and are not essentially .

2. One-time and repeated use:Everyone is exposed to disposable aluminum foil container in daily life, in fact, this kind of container is not only a one-time use product, but also a full-use meal. Box of products.

3. Cold rolling or hot rolling: From the production point of view, the aluminum foil container has two types of cold rolling and hot rolling. This is mainly because the lunch box is cold when the raw material production is processed into a lunch box structure. The rolling process is also a hot rolling process.

4. Plain foil and coated foil: From the aspect of process, the aluminum foil container has two kinds of foil and coated foil. The former is processed without any other processing after rolling, and the latter will be on the surface after rolling. It is coated with various types of resin or lacquer.