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The Features Of Aluminium Foil Container
- Feb 01, 2019 -

Aluminium foil container can be optimized in the application and is favored by many users. It is essentially made up of its rich features.

Moisture-proof: The aluminum foil container has moisture-proof characteristics. When used for food, it can ensure that the soup inside does not leak out, and can also dial the external moisture without entering the lunch box.

Airtight: The aluminum foil container is very airtight. When it is used for food, as long as the lid is covered, it can ensure that the heat and the fragrance of the food in the lunch box are not emitted.

Baoxiang: With the airtightness of aluminum foil, the lunch box made of this material has a very good fragrance retention ability, which can ensure that the fragrance in the box is not easily emitted.

Non-toxic and tasteless: The material of the aluminum foil container box is non-toxic and tasteless. It will not emit any toxic and harmful substances, and will not emit any pungent odor, which can meet the safety and hygiene requirements of food utensils.