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The Important Installation Points Of Bopp Tape Slitting Machine
- Mar 26, 2018 -

1. The location of the site and the installation of the belt conveyor must be on a relatively flat and hardened ground, because the conveyor belt operation requires a very good environment. It cannot be said that the ground is pitted, and the various parts are not coordinated with each other in operation, so that the products can be produced. Failed! This is all to consider.

2. Bopp tape slitting machine assembly. The general parts of the belt conveyor are separated. Before installation, after the venue is selected, the front and rear middle racks are placed on the level ground to maintain a uniform level. In order to maintain stable operations.

3. After the installation is completed, perform pre-operation processing on various parts of the machine, including, chain, sprockets, bearings, reducers, and adding lubricating oil or grease.

4. After the lubrication treatment, the main components are debugged to keep them rotating smoothly without blockage.

5. After the installation of all parts is completed, turn on the power to test machine! There is no need to install materials during the trial run. Observe the operation of each component! Abnormalities were detected and power was turned off.

6.When Bopp tape slitting machine is not running, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply for safety.