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The Maintenance Of Face Mask Making Machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The maintenance of face mask making machine must be carried out after the power failure.

We should check whether there are any dust and other things on the outer surface of the motor to affect the heat dissipation. Whether the gears and sprockets are oiled or not. Whether the chain tension is suitable for foreign objects, whether the link screws between the transmission parts are loose or not. Is the lubricating oil of the reducer sufficient? It is usually necessary to replace the lubricating oil once in 1000 hours - 1500 hours.

Check if the equipment circuit connector is loose, and the main power cable, branch signal cable, etc. are worn? Ageing? Is the electrical device loose? Is the inside of the electrical box clean and dry, whether the exhaust fan is working properly, etc.

Through the maintenance of the face mask making machine,  the service life of the face mask making machine is greatly extended.