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The Misconceptions Of Choose Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine
- Oct 07, 2018 -

1. The height of the package is not equal to the height of the column. The so-called package height is the size of the highest item that the pallet stretch wrapping machine can pack. But in addition to this size, the pallet stretch wrapping machine also has the size of a column. The packaging height of machine is actually determined by the height of the column, but the height of the column is not equal to the winding height, and some motors are included in the column. And some structures such as chains.

2. The diameter of the turntable is not equal to the maximum size of the package. The turntable of the pallet stretch wrapping machine is generally circular, and the package is generally a cube or a rectangular parallelepiped. When calculating whether the package can be placed on the turntable, it is necessary to calculate the diagonal length of the package, rather than the length and width of the package itself. .

3.Automatic upper film does not mean no manual operation. For example, the stand-alone version of the full-automatic model requires the manual forklift to place the goods on the turntable, and then uses the remote control to remotely control the machine.