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The Most Essential Contrast Between Semi-automatic And Automatic Packing Machine
- Feb 21, 2018 -

Product packaging from the beginning of the manual packaging to the use of semi-automatic packaging machine to fully automatic packaging machine, the entire development process is to continuously improve labor productivity, reduce cost input, so as to improve the efficiency of enterprises.

In this development process, semi-automatic and automatic packaging machine Two types of equipment are different, through the following comparison, we will clearly understand.

Semi-automatic packaging machine as a kind of automatic quantitative division installed packaging production equipment, mainly divided into two major processes, that is, the first material into the container weighing and nuclear scale, followed by sealing the packaging products.

Contrast automatic packaging machine, not only in the number of operators to reduce, labor and other aspects of investment costs have been correspondingly decreased, but the efficiency is higher than semi-automatic packaging confidential.

Semi-automatic packaging machine is suitable for smaller development of the enterprise, and automatic packaging machine is more suitable for large enterprises, but in the long term, fully automatic more than semi-automatic savings, although the automatic packaging machine in the upfront investment is higher, but the advantages are extremely obvious, short-term production line without replacement, Operations are more streamlined.

As a result of technology upgrading, the increase in market demand, semi-automatic packaging machine has been unable to meet the needs of the market now, only in some enterprises have to use, it can be said, now has entered the automatic packaging machine began to popularize the era.