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The Purpose And Function Of The Slitting Machine
- Jan 27, 2019 -

The slitting machine is suitable for wide and narrow strip cutting of package materials, variable frequency speed regulation, adjustable tension control and round knife design. It has automatic metering, set length, automatic shutdown, accurate cutting and simple operation. With the function of cutting paper tube machine, running smoothly and so on. The slitting machine can cut and process OPP, PE, PP, PVC, release paper, release film, etc. This machine is widely used in printing, packaging, plastics and other industries.

The slitting machine is a high-precision, high-sensitivity slitting device. The material is collected and discharged uniformly. The high-precision gas-increasing shaft is adopted. The tension is freely adjusted by the magnetic powder clutch. The unwinding correction adopts the imported gas-sensitive automatic correction control. It can realize automatic detection, automatic deviation correction, automatic meter counting, fast speed, precise cutting and simple operation.