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The Reason For Small Tension Of Aluminium Foil Rewinder
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Aluminum foil rewinder consists of two most important mechanisms: the discharge end and the receiving end.The discharge end of aluminium foil rewinder is controlled by the magnetic powder brake. If the magnetic powder brake does not work properly, the discharge work cannot be performed.

The reason for the magnetic clutch does not work properly of aluminium foil rewinder:

1. The magnetic clutch has no tension:

Need to check whether the magnetic clutch is burned out or whether the controller does not input power to the magnetic clutch. Here, it is necessary to use a universal meter to check whether the voltages of the two conductive wires of the magnetic powder clutch are normal or not.

2. There is sometimes no magnetic powder clutch tension:

This is caused by a short circuit or poor contact of the wire. Check the input wire for bare and mechanical contact. Check for loose wire connections. Another reason is that the internal magnetic powder has lost some of its magnetic properties. 

3. Magnetic clutch stuck:

There are several reasons why the magnetic powder clutch is stuck. First, the magnetic powder completely fails and the fluidity is poor. The second reason is that the bearing is dead and the magnetic clutch is stuck. The third is due to the magnetic material inside the magnetic clutch.