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The Reason Of Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine Film Frame Not Move
- Oct 06, 2018 -

   The pallet stretch wrapping machine has three major moving parts, the turntable, the film frame and the film feeding mechanism. These three mechanisms are driven by different motors. Therefore, if there is a fault, each part is basically independent, but each part is faulty. When people first think of the motor encounter problem, but this is not the case.The film frames of pallet strtech wrapping machine does not move, it may be caused by the following reasons:

1. The motor is faulty. The motor fault is very easy to judge, because the fault of the motor is basically no rotation or abnormal noise, but basically there will be no big problem, because the service life of the motor is generally very long, and no matter how long, the warranty is basically. So this can be ruled out by visual inspection.

2. The potentiometer is faulty. The potentiometer is a small tool used to assist the motor. The fault rate is higher than that of the motor. Therefore, when the pallet stretch wrapping machine has a problem, after eliminating the motor fault, the first thing that should be thought of is this. Small place.

3. Sensor failure. The various process operations of the pallet stretch wrapping machine are based on the detection of the item by the sensor. If the item is not detected and the manual state is reached, the pallet stretch wrapping machine cannot be automatically operated.