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The Reason Of Paper Cutting Machine's Kinves Can't Be Down
- May 07, 2018 -

1. The pressure of paper cutting machineis not enough: (1) The spring pressure of the mechanical pressure spring is not enough. In this case, the pressure must be increased. If it does not work when the maximum position is reached, the spring needs to be replaced. (2) Insufficient hydraulic pressure.

2. If the gap between the tool holder and the slider is too large, the gap between the tool holder and the slider may be too large (usually 0.1 mm) when the tool is worn or improperly adjusted, causing the tool holder to become unstable. Knife, knife phenomenon. In this case, you need to readjust the gap between the blade holder and the slider.

3. Knife blunt.When cutting, it is necessary to grasp the cutting amount, and it is necessary to constantly change the knife and use a quick knife.

4. Incorrect blade angle adjustment The angle of the blade should be determined according to the paper being cut. Thin, loose, soft paper with a small blade angle. Thick, solid, and hard paper with a large blade angle.

5. Cutter causes Normal blade parallel to the platform plane. When the knife is too high or too low, the upper knife and lower knife are also prone to appear.