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The Role And Application Of Slitting Machine
- May 04, 2018 -

The slitting machine is an important equipment of the printing machine supporting equipment, which has an important role both before and after printing. In the prepress, mainly cut raw materials, such as paper, plastic film and so on. This is a process that raw material manufacturers must complete to meet the width requirements of customers and other packaging manufacturers. The most widely used is the cutting process after printing and compounding, and the use of a slitting machine to cut a plurality of sets of fixed-width printed and laminated films into a finished film roll to accommodate the automatic packaging and bag making processes at the back. With the improvement of automation of flexible packaging and the focus on reducing the inefficiency and pollution of intermediate links among manufacturers of consumer products, some manufacturers have gradually changed their technological processes and replaced manual packaging with automatic packaging lines with a higher degree of automation. With the continuous increase in the demand for coils, the position of slitter has become increasingly important and higher demands have been placed on the working efficiency of slitter.