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The Stretch Stretch Film Turn Yellow,can We Use It?
- May 29, 2018 -

Stretched film is only colorless and colored. The appearance of pale yellow is mainly caused by additives or processing process changes. If the color is light, stretching rate and self-adhesion can be used without any influence, if the color is not natural, the quality will be poor.

Stretch film development to today's production process is already very mature, some manufacturers will try to change the formula to produce different properties of stretch film, mainly reflected in three aspects: color, stretch rate and self-adhesion, single color change is not necessarily Influencing the use of stretch film, it is necessary to know that many times due to the different melting temperatures set by the processing, it will cause the color of the stretched film to change, but it will not affect the transparency, so that is a good stretch film if the stretch rate and self The drop in viscous performance is a poorly stretched film that may have incorporated other impurities. If the color of the stretched film is light yellow, but there is no change in transparency, stretch rate, and self-tackiness, and no odor can be used, it can be used. If the four indicators change, do not use it again.