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The Structure And Principle Of Paper Slitting Machine
- May 19, 2018 -

 Paper slitting machine consists of a frame, a transmission system, a receiving and discharging machine, a tension control device, a traction member, a cutting bracket, a waste reeling and discharging device and the like.

Paper slitting machine rack consists of left and right wall panels and spreaders and discharge machines. The drive system is mainly used to pull raw materials and wind the finished products. It is driven by a variable-speed stepless-speed motor to drive the traction roller through the motor V-belt. The main traction roller and the driven traction roller are in close contact with each other and operate synchronously. Traction material walking, through the active traction roller to drive the next round knife shaft synchronous operation to achieve better cutting requirements, through the lower round knife shaft drive winding A and winding B for synchronous operation, so as to achieve the purpose of receiving material.

The paper slitting machine cuts the raw material into a number of independent units. Its working principle is to fix the raw materials on the discharge. The end of the discharge shaft is equipped with a magnetic powder tension controller to maintain the tension required by the constant raw material, and then passes through a pair of rubber rollers. To pull raw materials, cut into several pieces by the blade.