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The Use Of Alcohol Swabs In Life
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Alcohol cotton is very practical in life. Its composition contains 75% ethanol, which has the function of sterilization and sterilization.

In the hospital, it is usually used as a pre-injection skin wipe, and the tools are wiped and disinfected before surgery. The newborn can also be disinfected with alcohol cotton when cutting the navel. Now, Chinese medicine cupping also uses alcohol cotton. After 95% ethanol is added, it can be used for cupping after igniting alcohol cotton. It is clean and pollution-free and convenient.

In addition to being used in hospitals, it also plays a large role in life. The simplest is for debridement and anti-infection. If you accidentally bruise or cut your skin, you can wipe it with alcohol swabs on the skin around the wound, then apply a band-aid, which is both safe and comfortable to prevent the invasion of bacteria. Adolescence may grow acne on the face, then carry a few pieces of alcohol cotton tablets, often wipe the skin, both to clear the discomfort, but also to prevent cross-infection caused by hand to catch. After hitting the ear hole, it is easy to cause inflammation of the ear. Sooner or later, it will soon be anti-inflammatory. Alcohol swabs can also be used for the cleaning of high-grade lamps. Wiping dust is removed when the electronic products are applied to the film. After the wipe, the alcohol is volatilized and there is no residue.