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The Use Of Semi-automatic Sealing Machine
- Jun 26, 2018 -

The use of semi-automatic sealing machine:

1, install the tape roll. Place the roll of tape on the tape holder of the sealing machine, and adjust the adjustment tab on the belt device until the tube can be clamped, adjust the tension adjustment knob until the tape is pulled, the roll can still rotate smoothly, and the tape pull out the appropriate length and install it on the roller.

2, adjust the machine. Loosen the support nut, adjust the height of the work table according to the operation requirements, then lock the nut, take the container to be sealed, place it on the back of the worktable, and make the direction of the seam of the carton to be sealed consistent with the direction of the sealing machine. Shake the height adjustment handle so that the roller is pressed against the upper surface of the carton.

3, sealing process operation. Press the power switch, start the machine, place the packing box on the conveyor platform, manually send the cartons into the conveyor belt for sealing, manually place the cartons at the designated place after the sealing machine is closed, and then turn off the power switch to ensure safe operation.