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The Use Of Thermal Paper
- May 26, 2018 -

Thermal paper is an information coating paper coated with a coloring material that is excited by a thermal signal and developed by itself. It is a special type of coated paper. Thermal paper has developed rapidly with the popularity of fax machines throughout the world. However, due to the development of electronic communications, thermal paper has not only spread to personal homes in the form of fax paper, but has also appeared in commercial, supermarkets, banks, etc. Hospitals, airports and other fields. Its use has become increasingly widespread, the variety is increasing, and the scope of application is becoming wider and wider. At present, the main application areas are as follows:

(1) Thermal paper for fax machines Mainly used for various types of thermal paper fax machines. There are commercial businesses, family businesses, etc. At present, the thermal paper for this type of use accounts for almost half of the total output.

(2) Thermal paper for printing and terminal recording To meet the needs of various new terminal recording equipments, different types have been developed, which can be widely used for printing records of word processors, medical inspections and industrial inspections, cash automatic payment machines and Printing of portable terminal printers, receipt records of highways, taxis, etc.

(3) Thermal Paper for Labels and Tickets New products for thermal paper have been introduced to the label industry in recent years, and the development speed has been improved. It is a combination of thermal paper and self-adhesive labels. The back of thermonuclear paper is coated with adhesive and compounded on release paper for labels to be printed.