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The Working Principle Of Correcting System On Non-woven Slitting Machine
- May 05, 2018 -

The photoelectric automatic correction system is a system that controls the positional deviation of the thin soft material in the horizontal direction during the transfer process, and has the functions of automatic detection, automatic tracking, and automatic adjustment. It can track and correct the marking lines or edges of materials such as paper and non-woven fabrics to ensure the neatness of winding and slitting. The non-woven slitting machine produced by our company can be equipped with a rectification system according to the customer's needs, ensuring that the product is rewinded and cut neatly. The system can be used in light industry, printing and other industries. In the process of winding the material, the position of the edge or line is detected by the photoelectric sensor to pick up the edge or line position deviation signal. Then the position deviation signal is transmitted to the photoelectric correcting controller for logic operation, and a control signal is sent to the mechanical actuator to drive the mechanical actuator to correct the deviation during the operation of the material and ensure the linear movement of the material.