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The Working Principle Of The Heat Patch Packaging Machine
- Jul 10, 2018 -

The heat patch packaging machine is a machine for sealing the plaster and the four sides of the non-woven fabric. The working principle is that the packaging material is led out by the unwinding mechanism at the rear of the machine, and after entering the winding roller, enters the winding mechanism, where The packaging material is cut into two parts from the middle by slitting, and then enters the guiding film rolls on both sides through the dividing plate, and then enters the sealing area through the ink wheel, and the conveying belt automatically transports the packaged articles to the sealing area (for The irregularly shaped objects need to be manually placed on the conveyor belt), and the finished product is output by the conveying mechanism by printing the batch number, marking, heating, longitudinal sealing, slitting, cutting, tearing, transverse sealing, and cross cutting. The working principle is also applicable to the alcohol cotton sheet packaging machine, the dressing packaging machine, and other automatic four-side sealing equipment for medical supplies.