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Three Points Of Common Problems In Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
- Dec 03, 2018 -

I. Why is the mother roll paper tube of thermal paper slitting machine not swayed when it is rotated?

Generally speaking, when the mother roll paper tube is not deformed, it will not be too swaying when it is rotated, but if the chuck is forced to be clamped when the mother roll is placed, the two sides will be unbalanced.

II. Why do the paper trays on thermal paper slitting machine at both ends sometimes have burrs?

The width of the parent roll will generally be 3-5mm larger than the size of the above-mentioned standard. Under special conditions, it will jump out of this range, and the paper tray at the edge will have burrs.

III. Why is the paper tray protruding to the right side of the time cut out?

1. When starting the operation, the paper on the side is not tightened, and it can be avoided when the machine starts to cut the strip.

2. The inner diameter of the paper tube added to the parent roll is too large, so that the paper tube cannot be locked after the air shaft is expanded, so that the paper roll slides during rotation to cause displacement.