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Three Types Of Slitting Methods Commonly Used In Slitting Machine
- Nov 28, 2018 -

There are three common types of slitting machine:

1. Trimming: A variety of materials are combined to form a process edge material, and the process edge material reserved by the cutting process is obtained to obtain a product that meets the process requirements. This type of slitting is mostly used for the processing of materials such as composite membranes.

2, cutting: the whole roll of wide coil, through the high-speed running circular knife, the original coil is cut into multiple rolls of narrow gauge coil. This type of slitting is mostly used for processing paper, nonwoven fabrics, and the like.

3. Sub-volume: The large-diameter material is divided into multi-volume and small-reel material according to the requirements of the length dimension of the winding and the width specification of the winding. This type of slitting is mostly used in the film and flexible packaging color printing industry.

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