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Tool Use Of The Folding Machine
- Dec 07, 2018 -

The tools that are included in the folding machine are generally divided into an indentation knife, a dotted knife, an open knife (also called a deflation knife), and a slitting knife. The indentation knife is mainly used to press a thick paper to make a trace, so that the thick paper can reduce the burst when it is bent, and it is easy to bend; the dotted knife is generally used to make the paper easy to tear, such as the attachment of the bill; the open knife ( Also called deflation knife), mainly used to fold the air in the signature when folding the bookbinding; the slitting knife is mainly used to divide the folded folding product into two or into several parts, and also some folds. The page machine can be equipped with a glue spraying device (such as a good folding machine), the folded pages are directly bonded, and the paper edge is cut off by a slitting knife, thereby directly discharging the finished product.