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Use Of Cling Film Cutting Blade
- Jul 26, 2018 -

In order to make the food placed in the refrigerator not odor and maintain the effect of moisture and freshness, a layer of plastic wrap must be coated on the outside of the food or on the mouth of the container in which the food is placed. At present, there are two types of cling film on the market, one is a cheap-packed cling film, which requires the user to cut or tear the wrap with a pair of scissors or other tools, so it is not convenient to use; The other is a boxed cling film with a cutting device, but it is more expensive. At present, the commonly used cling film cutter is a rectangular carton in which a roll-shaped cling film is placed, and a long toothed saw blade for cutting the cling film is fixedly disposed at one end of the carton. When in use, pull the cling film in the carton out of the proper length, and use the cling film slightly faster and harder along the end of the saw blade to the other end to tear the wrap from the wrap. However, there are still defects in the use process: short service life, poor cutting effect, and inconvenient use. Our company has developed an improved cling film cutting blade, which is made of injection molding and has a built-in stealth cutter that can be used repeatedly and can be easily torn off.