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Wet Wipes Packaging Machine - The Use And Characteristics Of Wet Wipes
- Oct 20, 2018 -

There are many types of wet wipes. There are many kinds of wet wipes of different brands, different quantities and different uses on the market. Consumers can purchase according to their own needs.

1, ordinary wet wipes: mainly used to clean the skin. The small package is easy to carry, and it is not convenient to use when cleaning out. It is convenient to use at any time. Most of the commercial ones are packaged, and one package per person is used immediately.

2, baby special wipes: specifically for cleaning, nursing baby.

3, women's makeup remover special wipes: gently wipe the skin pores deep in the makeup dirt to dissolve, unloading, comfortable and soft, convenient and fast.

4, disinfection wipes: used for scratches, cuts, scratches and other small wounds and surrounding skin cleaning, disinfection, can effectively kill bacteria up to 99.9%, to prevent wound infection, cleaning, sterilization once completed.

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