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Wet Wipes Selection Tips
- Apr 19, 2018 -

For many wet wipes currently on the market, most of them are ordinary wet wipes or sanitary wipes, and their effects are completely different.

1. Ordinary cleaning, family or outing, you can choose ordinary wipes to meet the purpose of cleaning.

2. For those who have relatively high requirements and wish to have a certain sterilization effect after wiping, hygiene wipes can be selected. However, sanitary wipes can only have a certain antibacterial effect. After wiping, they will play a role in removing bacteria after a certain period of time. Can not achieve the effect of disinfection.

3.For the special requirements of the rapid sterilization can play disinfection wet wipes, then you must choose to disinfect the wet wipes, can be more thorough sterilization, mainly for the prevention of sudden influenza and so on.

Therefore, under the premise of a reasonable choice of wipes, can achieve the effect of cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection, not all wet wipes have the same effect, which is a misunderstanding.