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What Are The Main Advantages Of The Carton Sealing Machine?
- Jun 04, 2018 -

The carton sealing machine is an important machine for commodity packaging. Many small products must be integrated and packaged for sale and transportation. Therefore, the opening and closing of cartons is a key packaging link. The sealing machine is one of the unavoidable packaging equipment in our assembly line equipment. 

The advantages of cartons sealing machine

1. Manually adjust the size of the carton, suitable for the same type of carton at the same time sealing;

 2. Simple operation, easy to use, easy to adjust, fast sealing, high efficiency, sturdiness and durability, can be used stand-alone, but also can be used with the packaging line after automation.

 3. Automatic sealing machine imported high grip rubber belt, reliable transmission.

 4.sing the adhesive tape carton sealing, economical and easy adjustment.

5.Automatic folding mechanism type sealing machine, according to the carton size adjustment, complete the upper and lower sealing action.

 6.Simple operation, no noise, time-saving, high efficiency.

 7. It is suitable for carton sealing and packaging. It can be used for stand-alone operation or with the assembly line.