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What Are The Packaging Methods For The Shrink Packaging Machine?
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Shrink packaging machine packaging flexibility, diversity and efficient automation have fully met the market demand. The shrinking packaging machine packaging method mainly include open-ended at both ends, four-side sealing type and one end open type three types.

1.Open-ended at both ends: It is wrapped in a sleeve with a tubular film or a flat film and then heat-shrinked. After the packaging is completed, there is a shrinkage port at both ends of the package. Common in this way are: mineral water packaging, beverage cans, beer, cartons and other PE film packaging, PVC film packaging such as medicine boxes, tapes, etc.

2. Four-sided sealing type: The product is wrapped around a flat film or a tubular film, and the joint is sealed by a lap joint. Used for product packaging that requires sealing.

3. One end open type: The tray shrink packaging is a typical example. The film is first made into a square bottom bag, and then the big bag is placed on the stacked commodity tray from top to bottom, and then heat shrinks. Place the tray with the product on the conveyor belt and put on the shrink film bag; the conveyor belt is fed into the heat shrinkable passage, and the shrinkage package is completed after the heat shrinkage passage.