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What Causes The Slitting Machine Blade Not To Be Durable
- Jun 10, 2018 -

The use of paper slitting machine provides higher cutting accuracy for the printing industry, packaging industry, etc. The slitting machine blade is one of the important parts of the paper cutter. Its sharpness and service life largely determine the cutting process. Paper cutting production efficiency. Then, what are the main factors affecting the use of paper slitting machine blades and their longevity?

First, the knife material.

Second, the slitter shape and angle of the knife. If the tool material allows, the angle of sharpening should be as small as possible.

Third, the quality of the paper slitter sharpening. The higher the quality of the sharpening knife, the longer the service life of the cutting knife and the better the cutting quality.

Fourth, the type of cutting material. When cutting the paper, the speed at which the blades become blunt is related to the hardness and hardness of the paper and the amount of ash content.

The above factors affect the use effect and the service life of the mechanical blade of the slitter. Therefore, when using the slitter, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of techniques to improve the efficiency and service life of the slitter blade.