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What Is Four Side Sealing Packaging Machine?
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Four side sealing packaging machine is a method of automatically cutting a roll of film into two rolls, and combining the two rolls of film after the device is turned into a seal. The product is transported between the two rolls of film through the conveyor belt, and then sealed by left and right seals, and the tearing mouth is easily cracked, sealed before and after cutting, and finally conveyed out.

The feeding method of the four side sealing packaging machine is mainly divided into manual discharging and automatic feeder cutting. For example, the plaster paste can be cut by the automatic feeder, and the heat-removing paste is made of hydrogel, which cannot be automatically cut, and can only be manually discharged.

With regard to tablet products, such as plaster stickers, antipyretic stickers, especially warm babies, the air tightness requirements are very high.

Our four side sealing packaging machine is mainly sealed by indirect conduction, so that the entire surface of the product can be evenly and completely sealed, and there will be no leakage points to cause gas to enter and exit. This seal not only has a beautiful seal but also a good seal.