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What Paper Is Used For The Business Form Printing Machine?
- Feb 13, 2019 -

The base paper used for the business form printing machine is coated paper, also called carbonless copy paper, which is characterized by its own copying function, and it is not easy to soil the clothes and hands. The notes are handwritten and printed. The handwritten ones usually use 55 grams of carbonless copy paper, which is suitable for printing simple receipts. It is recommended not to exceed 3, too thick and not easy to use. The printed computer paper has 48 grams of paper, 50 grams of medium paper, and 48 grams of paper. Although it is thinner than handwritten carbonless copy paper, it is better tough and not easy to break. The thin paper is also designed because it needs to print more than three. It is too thick for the printer to easily pass the paper and develop color.