Fever Cooling Gel Patch Packaging Machine

Fever Cooling Gel Patch Packaging Machine is 2018 new model for making fever cooling fel patch,it is very popular in Japan,Korea,China etc.our machine is very stable for production by simple control system.

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Product Details

Fever Cooling Gel Patch Packaging Machine


Fever Cooling Gel Patch Packaging Machine is ideal for producing Fever cooling gel patch,cooling gel paste pad etc.

Include Epoxy Resin Cooling Gel coating forming cutting machine,cooling gel patch 4 side seal packaging machine.

The machine is very simple for operation,it is user friendly.


The production procedure:

Epoxy resin maxing-put to coating-forming-cutting the cooling gel pad-load in the convery-load in packet-forming packet-seling the packet-cutting the ready product packet-delivery

Main Specification:

Machine Model:PPD-FGCP

Product: 120x40-50mm,110x40-50mm,100x70mm,90x40mm Etc(customized)

Non woven roll width:Max500mm

Non woven roll ID:3inch

Coating width:500mm

Coating ability:120-250pcs/min

Machine Dimension:2600x1100x1800mm(LxWxH)

Packing size:2200x1400x1600mm(LxWxH)

Bag size:120-180x80-125mm(LxW)

Processing ability:80-120pcs/min

Packing material: Paper,Aluminium Foil,Plastic ,Film composite material

Packing film diameter max 350mm

Packing film width max550mm

Volt:220V 50&60Hz



Machine Dimension 4000x1300x1600mm(LxWxH)

Packing size:2600x1900x1800mm(LxWxH)




Q-How to purchase the machine?

R-Just send email to our sales to inquiry,then welcome to inspect machine in China.

Q-How about payment?

R-We accept LC,TT etc for buyer option.

Q-What about warranty?

R-12months after delivery.

Q-Is oversea installtion included?

R-we provide the free training in our factory,oversea assignment is on call by buyer expenses.


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