Medical Dressing Packaging Machine

Medical dressing pad packaging machine is an fully automatic model for high speed and automatic making different size of medical dressing,wound dressing pad,guaze pad,electrode slice pad.

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Medical dressing packaging machine

Medical dressing packaging machine is a fully automatic model for making different size of wound dressing pad for medical use in surgical.Medical dressing paste,surgical wound dressing pad,gauze pad,electrode pad,ecg dots etc.

   PPD-MD model adopts servo technology as the core and combines advanced microprocessors. The whole operation is controlled by the PLC program.With below features:

1.Using imported materials, high-speed roller cutter. The continuous operation mode of the machine is fast and stable.

2.all in one automatic production process: the adhesive tape, absorbent pad, release paper, release paper and other automatic stripping, paste, composite, cutting, roll cutting, and finally automatically bagging and packaging.


Process flow:

Adhesive tape→absorbent pad roll cutting and pasting→isolating paper1.2 compound→roll forming→bag sealing→bag cutting→output packaged product (automatic counting)

The main technical parameters:

Application specifications: Reference 200x100mm

Bag Specifications: Reference 250x150mm

Base tape specifications: Φ ≤ 400mm, width ≤ 220mm, paper core diameter 76.2mm

Processing capacity: 50-100 bags/minute (1 tablet per bag)

[Remarks: Non-packing production speed: 100-260/min]

Total power: 220V, 50HZ, 6KW

Equipment weight: 650 kg

Dimensions: Length 3500×width 900×height 1800mm

Packing size:2200 × 1400 × 1600mm





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