Double Tissue Alcohol Wipes Making Machine

Double tissue alcohol wipes making machine is great for investment for making single pc and double pc of single pack 3 side seal wet wipes.

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Double tissue alcohol wipes making machine


Double tissue alcohol wipes making machine is specially designed for some promotion sales of alcohol wipes,the single sachet contains two pack of wet wipes for 3 side seal pillow is very ideal for using of  restaruant,hotel,airline etc for 2 piece of tissue.It can be alcohol as liquid,and also for other liquid.

The machine contains two head of non woven loading station for feeding into the machine to make 2 pc wipes.It can alco make single pc by switch between 2pc and 1pc.

This machine is adjustable for making the different size of wipes by simple setting without changing the mould.

The operation is contorled by PLC+Touch screen,it is very easy.

Technical parameters:


material weight:30-120gsm

Material diameter:max 1200mm

Material width:100-250mm option

Material inner diameter:3inch

Sachet size:90-180x60-130mm option

Wipes size unfold:140-250x100-250mm option

Produciton speed:80-120packet/minute



Note:Any different size needed,please contact us for a customized manufacturing.


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