PPD Series Slitting Machine General Inspection
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1. Periodically inspect the unloading reel and scrap axle brakes. If any brake pads are found to be excessively worn, they should be immediately renewed.

2. When the transmission chain and gear of each department are short of oil, grease should be injected immediately.

3. The internal gears of the gear packs are shipped from the factory. They are lubricated with grease and need to be lubricated once every six months.

4. Check the lubrication of the reducer regularly. If you find that the reducer is short of oil, you should immediately fill the gear oil.

5. Regularly check the lubrication of the bushings and shafts on the take-up shaft. Lubricate with a non-corrosive lubricating oil.

6. Check whether there is any abnormality in the air source processor every month. If there is a shortage of oil, apply lubrication oil without corrosion.

7. Do not wipe the embossing wheel, rubber wheel or take-up shaft with corrosive chemicals.

8. Regularly check each part for loose screws.