Automatic House Foil Roll Rewinding Machine

Automatic House Foil Roll Rewinding Machine

Automatic house foil roll rewinding machine is latest model for high speed production model for automatic making hosue foil roll with sticking of end roll,without a label sticker.

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Product Details

Automatic house foil roll rewinding machine is used to rewind the aluminum house foil from jumbo roll into baby roll for home use application.

This model is the fully automatic model,deisgned for six shafts automatic change for very high speed.To Compared with manuel,semi-automatic model, this model is labor saved,much higher production speed for consumer roll,house foil is user friendly,and very high output.

This model work in latest masrket demand for hosue foil roll production with the glue sticking at the end of foil roll,so it does not require a label sticker to attach on the end of roll,it is a way to save the cost,and make the production process much easier.

Production procedurement:

Jumbo roll load--paper core automatic change and clamp--automatic gluing on core,automatic rewinding,automatc stop when reach length---automatic gluing at the end of roll--automatic cut off the ready roll-deliver to ready convey system--join for packing line


Width of jumbo rollMax450mm
Width of baby rollMax450mm
Design SpeedMax300m
Jumbo roll diameter600mm
Baby roll diameterMax70mm
Core of jumbo roll3''/6''
Paper core of baby roll30-40mm
Machine dimension1700*1350*1000/mm
Gross weight900KG


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